Comprehensive Car Servicing & Repairs on the Northern Beaches.

Our aim is to provide reliable and timely mechanical repairs and servicing to our customers with the confidence of our experience to keep you on the road safely. Our services include:

  • Minor and full vehicle servicing
  • Log book servicing
  • Rego checks (e safety) & QBE greenslips
  • Brake and clutch repairs
  • New tyres & wheel balancing
  • Steering & suspension repairs
  • Vehicle pre purchase inspections
  • Cooling system service & radiator replacement
  • Light globes & windscreen wiper blade replacement

Mechanical Repairs on the Northern Beaches.

Avalon Garage has been servicing the Peninsular since 1999, with a reputation for customer service and fair pricing. From registration checks through to major brake and clutch system overhauls Avalon Garage can service all your mechanical needs.

Registration due?

  • Cars, motorbikes, trailers, caravans...
  • LPG powered vehicles.
  • Defect notice clearance.
  • Monday - Friday & Saturday morning - Bookings essential.
  • Inspection results submitted to RMS online.

Call (02) 9918 2962 (02) 9918 0498


We can perform all aspects of servicing, from minor to major services including logbook servicing. Customers will be notified if any urgent repairs become apparent whilst we are servicing your vehicle. We also provide a written report and estimated quote for any additional repair work that we may recommend for the future.


Your brakes are the most important safety component of your vehicle. Avalon Garage can inspect, repair and maintain your cars braking system to give you confidence on the road. We have our own brake machining lathe, enabling our team to machine brake discs and drums Inhouse to ensure your vehicle is back on the road promptly.
Signs that you may have brake problems;

  • Brake warning light illuminated on dash
  • Squeals from brakes when applied
  • Brake pedal pulsating when applied (especially downhill)
  • Sinking brake pedal at traffic lights
  • Brake fluid loss
  • Spongy brake pedal

For any braking concerns, please do not hesitate to call in for a quick check.


Properly functioning steering and suspension will not only give you a smooth ride and prolong tyre life, it will also make sure you get from A to B safely.
Signs that you may have brake problems;

  • Soft/bouncy suspension
  • Front of car nosedives on braking
  • Power steering has a whine/screeching fan belt or has gone heavy
  • Knocks,creaks or bumps
  • Poor handling around corners.

To book in for a check up call (02) 9918 2962 or (02) 9918 0498

Looking to buy a used car from a local on the Peninsular?
We can offer a comprehensive in house pre purchase inspection at an affordable price to give you the peace of mind that the car you buying is not a lemon. Simply book in for an inspection with us and get the seller or yourself to bring the car in. After the inspection, a written report is supplied to the prospective buyer in confidence so that they can make an informed decision.

BOOKINGS (02) 9918 2962 (02) 9918 0498

We are able to supply & fit new tyres and balance wheels. We also do puncture repairs. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer roadside flat tyre repairs.


Needless to say, the most obvious sign of exhaust repairs being needed is a noisy exhaust system. However, even a quiet exhaust system may be leaking dangerous carbon monoxide fumes into the cabin of the car causing drowsiness and serious health issues.

We offer prompt muffler/complete exhaust system repair or replacement.

Does your clutch pedal feel spongy ?
Is your car revving harder to get up hills?
Maybe it’s time to get your clutch system serviced.This may be a simple clutch fluid flush and system bleed up to new hydraulic components or clutch being installed.
We can do it all.

If your car is running hotter than normal or losing coolant, we can inspect it.
Leaking radiators and water pumps are a common issue and we can replace them asap.
A clean cooling system with adequate coolant is essential for a happy engine.

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